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GWT w/ Touchscreen

Touchscreen GWT The GWT HMI model has the same functionality as our older GWT unit but comes with a built in touchscreen offering several new features such as part counters, built in error display and troubleshooting, maintanence and calibration menus and a multilingual interface(English, Spanish and French).
Note: We also offer an updated Press Head machine using a tethered Touchscreen module.

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GWT The BENCH TOP HEAD was designed for manual operation. The operator inserts the stripped wire into the funnel, which guides the wire into the contact. Pressing a foot pedal activates the crimper. The machine crimps the contact and feeds another to the crimp head. This machine is a heavy duty machine. The Feeder bowls were designed to double stack for dual bowl feeders. The bowls are machined from a solid billet of aluminum to ensure quality and balance. The feeders are made from hardened steal for longevity and durability. There are units of this style with over 4 Million cycles on them and counting. The controls have sensors to detect the contact through the system. It actually waits for the operator. There are many options designed for this unit to fit your needs. (Operates at up to 1.5 seconds per cycle).

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LCMachine This machine feeds a single contact to an automated crimp head. It is light weight and can be moved from one place to another easily. The cost of this machine, starting at $11,495.00 makes this the most affordable automated turned contact crimper on the market. It still can crimp to Mil-Spec crimp specifications like the original GWT. It uses the same crimp head as the original Heavy Duty GWT; the LC model does not use any sensors. Just turn the machine on and it is ready to go. As fast as you can insert a stripped wire into the funnel on the front and depress the foot peddle you have a connector installed. It runs at approximately 1.6 sec per cycle.
With a Reversible shuttle you can run its mating contact, or one of the same configuration in the same machine (if compatible). Simply empty the contacts from the bowl and feeder, flip the shuttle over and you are ready to run the other contact. Most changeovers are that easy. Let us know what type of contacts you would like to run with and we will let you know if the LC model can utilize a Reversible shuttle.

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Seal Plug

Seal Plug The SEAL PLUG FEEDER above was designed for manual operation and was built for use with connectors that require seal plugs where pins are not connected to wires. The operator inserts the seal plug nose into the connectors holes where a seal plug is needed. They then pull the trigger and a seal plug is put into the hole and pushed in. An additional unit can feed the contacts prior to feeding the seal plug. Each unit is designed to feed one seal plug. Some may interchange if similar is size and shape. Light weight, easy to use. Runs at about 1.5 seconds per cycle (depending on the operators speed). This unit starts at $8,495.00 ea. A dual bowl unit is also available to feed the contact in one bowl and the seal Plug in the other bowl. Just flip the switch back and forth between them. There is also an XY Seal Plug feeder. Just place the connector in a holder, teach the unit which holes get a seal plug and it will keep doing the same program over and over. Save each program for future use.
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Press Head

Press Head The PRESS HEAD MACHINE was designed to be used in a KOMAX/GAMMA/ALPHA/ZETA SYSTEMS, TYCO/AMPOMATOR SYSTEM, OR SCHLEUNIGER/CRIMPCENTER WIRE Processing Machine. However the Press Head unit can run on any press unit. The KOMAX or AMPOMATOR Machine has the capability to cut, strip, and insert the stripped wire into the funnel that guides the wire into a contact in the press head. The KOMAX, AMPOMATOR, OR SCH Machine triggers the Press Head machine as it activates the Crimper, making it capable of operating at a speed of 1.2 seconds per cycle for a complete wire. Two Press Head units, the KOMAX or AMPOMATOR, have both ends terminated at every cycle. It is the only dual ended cylindrical contact machine fully integrated for communicating with the Press Head.
Note: We also offer an updated Press Head machine using a tethered Touchscreen module.

Custom Automation

C. Davis Systems is a full turnkey Automation house. If you have a special need or function you need any one of our machines to do, or any area of bottle neck in your production line, just ask and we can design a machine just for your application.

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*Prices are for orders within the United States, prices may vary based on contact type and are for base models ONLY.