C Davis Systems

"Automation Design Specialists"

What We Do...

C. Davis Systems is a full service automation design and systems manufacturer. We can develop, build and install your automated system for you. We are a full turnkey systems house.

We offer three types of automation.

  • Assistance Automation
  • Semi Automation
  • Full Automation

Assistance Automation

Helps the employee work more efficiently, less strenously and faster. To "assist" the employee when manufacturing components.

Semi Automation

Assembles some of the components or partially assembles the component. Employees become more efficient, resulting in increased productivity.

Full Automation

Removes the employee from the assembly line. Usually required in dangerous areas or when machines operate at speed beyond human capacity. This type of automation can be very cost efficient, producing high productivity.

We help you save money!

All three types of automation increase productivity and save money.
If you are thinking of automating, why not find out which type of automation best suits your needs today? You might find out that instead of a type 3 full-blown turnkey system, you only need type 1(Assistance Automation). There is a lot of equipment today that can smooth out a production line, without costly redesigning.

We can offer assistance in designing the equipment that fits your needs. We can draft the parts, machine the components and program your machine to run automatically. We are also available for consulting, maintenance and upgrading of your existing automated equipment.

Whether its feeder bowl technology, conveyors, pick & place units or just an ergonomic workspace, we can help you decide which systems suit your needs.

We also specialize in part feeding systems.

Part feeders are a method of orienting parts to present for assembly, whether you use robotics or mechanical assembly units. There are many different types of part feeders. From feeder bowls to linear feeders or special orienting units, We can design one for you.

We proudly offer the following:

  • Design - 20 years of experience
  • Drafting - using AutoCAD and Solid Works
  • Machining - using the latest CNC equipment
  • Programming - using the latest in PLC technology
  • Service - equipment installed or existing
  • Maintenance - of all your existing equipment

We look forward to doing business with your company.